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The Do’s and Don’ts Of Couples’ Travel

Travelling for the first time with your significant other, or even a friend can be nothing sort of amazing and adventurous  because you’ll always have that one person that you’ll be able to say, “remember when…?”

But after all, you’re travelling with another individual – someone who doesn’t think like you and someone who has a different personality to you, therefore, here are a few do’s and don’ts of couples’ travel:

Do Plan Together

Remember that it’s a couple’s trip and the other person may not exactly want to do the same things that you may want to do. So plan (in advance) activities that you both enjoy while also putting some thought into the activities that your significant other is interested in even though you aren’t. After all, it’s better to know beforehand especially about things you don’t want to do – that way your travel buddy has enough time to change your mind!

Do's & Don'ts of Couples' Travel

Do Download Google Maps (Offline)

This is a lifesaver! If you’re one that doesn’t opt for roaming (that’s me), nor one that finds a service provider and relies solely on a smooth internet connect, be sure to download google maps in the offline mode of the country or city that you’ll be in. Yes, just take a few minutes to clear the junk from your phone if it’s a sizable download and at least you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ll be able to find your way around because people wouldn’t always be around to ask for directions.

Do Compromise and Be Considerate

This is a huge thing for me because I’m so used to travelling with my mom and we have learnt each other’s travel behaviours overtime, but when you’re travelling with a new travel buddy, you’re going to have to be considerate with regards to where their limitations/interests lie. I’m extremely active especially when the vacation is short as I want to see everything and do everything – which can at times be not-so relaxing. But, Steven isn’t quite the same, he sometimes prefers to relax and enjoy a new place without feeling hassled and sassed by me. So, because I know this, we’ll do most of the hassle and strenuous activities such as hiking out of the way and then dial back the remainder of the vacation and relax.

Do Be Romantic 

If you’re a couple and not just travel buddies, isn’t this what the entire vacation is about?! Seeing a new place with a loved one and experiencing it together and being all romantic?! So be sure to put a little extra effort and enjoy romantic activities such as a stroll in a lush garden, dinner at an amazing restaurant or keep it cheap and sweet and purchase some groceries to make a homemade breakfast, lunch or dinner. The point is, once you both put the effort in, both parties would enjoy it!

Don’t Be A Nag

Please, for the love of all things holy, do not be a nag. There is nothing more sickening than having that one person nag and complain about everything. Work is stressful, but vacations aren’t supposed to be!

Don’t Be Stubborn

Let me be the first person to say, that I can be stubbornnnn – geez sometimes I don’t know how Steven deals with me. But, I don’t like to call it stubborn, I like to call it “particular” … L.O.L. So acknowledge your personality traits and give your travel buddy a break every now and then.

Don’t Be Selfish

You’ve made the attempt to travel with someone, meaning that it’s not about you (no boo boo…it really isn’t). So, if your travel buddy likes to wake up an hour after you, that’s perfectly fine – either shower them with kisses like I do with Steven or if he isn’t having that, I make breakfast or get ready so that I have something to do while he gets some more rest.

All in all, travelling with a loved one or a travel buddy really boils down to love. The love of seeing new places and new faces with someone that you love and personally, I enjoy travelling with Steven as he calms me down and makes everything much more enjoyable – he’s my travel buddy – but shout out to my mom, the original travel buddy who can never be replaced!


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