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Our 2019 Bucket List: 12 Months Of Happiness And Adventure

How is it almost the end of the month already?! Well, every January is filled with individuals making their new resolution for the upcoming year. But, seeing that we are almost at the end of the month I’m assuming that some have already failed to implement them – which is completely fine. I mean that to say, that’s the reason I do not have resolutions because some are ridiculously hard to keep and maintain. So this year I’m going to try something a bit different, a couple’s bucket list for myself and Steven for every month of the year.

You see, we’ve hiked a volcano, had dinner in the sky and even rode on a camel – and those have been some of the most exciting times in our relationship. So that’s what this bucket list is all about, a reminder for Steven and myself that life is meant to be lived – healthy, happy and adventurous!

January – Try Something New This Month

January is meant for trying new things and trying new things together certainly keeps a relationship exciting. If we manage to try one new thing, maybe we’ll see if we can do something new for every month!

Update: For the month of January, we decided to start hosting on Airbnb! It’s still very new but we’re happy with the process we’ve made thus far – check it out!

February – Reach Out To An Old Friend

February is indeed the month of spreading the love around. Why not reach out to some old friends. Sometimes you lose touch with people and that doesn’t mean that you love them any less. This would, therefore, be the perfect time to show them that you care and still love them!

March – Resurrect An Old Hobby

Picking up new hobbies are great but what about the old hobbies that you left behind? This may be the perfect time to reconnect with old friends giving some couples that much needed time away. Or it can even be a spectacular bonding opportunity for you and your spouse – that if it’s something that you both enjoy.

April – Break A Bad Habit Together

On the other hand, while you may start some new and exciting hobbies together, it may be time to ditch some unhealthy habits.

May – Learn A New Language

This is a personal challenge of mine – languages are just hard to learn (for my dense head). So, having someone next to you that you can practice with is the additional motivation that you’ll need!

June – Start A 10-Year Plan

This is an important month for us because it celebrates the time that we met. It also celebrates the time that we will commit to each other for as long as we are alive. So we decided that we’ll take this time to plan where we’d want to be 10 years from now!

couple's bucket list

July – Visit A New Country Together

Visiting a country for the first time can be exciting but a trip with your spouse adds another level of excitement doesn’t it? You are almost always guarenteed to not only have fun but learn something new about your partner.

August – Host A Couple’s Night

As fond as we are of our coupled friends, we actually have never hosted a couple’s night. Truth be told, we haven’t been to many couples events either so we are scheduled to have one of our own.

September – Start A Scrapbook

This is something that I’m super excited about! Yes, we have our phones and electronic storage devices, but what happens when they all fail to stop working and you loose all of your precious memories. Scrapbooks are therefore the perfect way to capture not only photos but all other important momentos!

Update: Instead of scrapbooking, we started to seep our memories in a photo book. With scrapbooking, it's possible to loose some memories over time as they fade, but with a photo book, the quality is preserved and can last a while!

October – Cuddle Up All Weekend Long

There are so many things happening in our day to day lives that sometimes we need to hit the pause button. Take some time to yourselves and shut out the entire world.

November – Make A New Tradition

Just in time for the Christmas season, start a tradition exclusively for just you and your significant other. Traditions are not only important for bonding but healthy for relationships. This shows your significant other that you’ll always set aside the time for the two of you.

December – Do A Good Deed Together

This is a time when everyone is in the spirit of giving. But while you’re in that joyful spirit of giving to your loved ones, this is the perfect time to extend that Christmas spirit to others!


What’s on your bucket list for you and your spouse this year?

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