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7 Things That Are More Important Than Love In A Relationship

Isn’t love a beautiful thing!

If you know me, I am a hopeless romantic – I love love! But unfortunately, love isn’t the only thing that keeps a relationship alive – if it was, we’d all be in some pretty amazing relationships. But that’s not quite realistic; it’s a sprinkle of this, a sprinkle of that, and a whole lot of work. Here 7 things that are more important than love in a relationship:

Communication – this is the glue that ties everything together. This is how you build your relationship by getting to know each other. It’s even how you express your feelings. There is nothing more lonely than expressing your wants and needs to someone who isn’t receptive.

Trust – trust is the backbone of any healthy relationship and it goes beyond thoughts such as “would he/she cheat on me or not”. It’s the vulnerable part of yourself that allows you to be your authentic self in every sense of the word. Trust is knowing that someone would always be there for you and knowing that that person would never do you harm.

Honesty – sometimes relationships don’t always work due to the lack of honesty. Now, honesty isn’t a leeway to be mean and unkind all in the name of honesty, therefore, it’s a very challenging factor to navigate. But honestly involves discussing your intentions, expectations and feelings.

Respect – it’s not about showing who wears the “pants” in a relationship but it shows that you value and support your spouse and their ideas and believes even if they aren’t a reflection of your own.

Intimacy – this goes beyond sex. Intimacy is an attachment, an emotional bond that cannot be defined by words alone. True intimacy shows kindness, compassion, acceptance and understanding.

Commitment – if you’re in a relationship there needs to be a certain level of commitment. It really doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you have, a lack of commitment symbolises that it’s destined to go nowhere.

Happiness – as it stands, relationships require some work but it’s not a job nor is it a chore. When you’re unhappy in a relationship, nothing motivates you actually want to spend time with your significant other.

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7 Things That Are More Important Than Love In A Relationship


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