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‘Bottled Sunshine’ is a Caribbean travel blog filled with the everyday adventures of two hopeless millennial romantics.

We love life and we enjoy it much more with each other and hence we want to inspire others by creating and sharing thoughtful posts and crafted guides.

The goal – to bottle the warm sunshine and enjoy endless summers in paradise!

The Duo


Bernadette, born in Zimbabwe to a Ghanaian mother, is the blogger behind ‘Bottled Sunshine’. Her infectious effervescent personality transcends through each blog post as her goal is to share the nature of Barbados island life which lies beyond the sun, sand and sea!


Steven, born and bred in Barbados is the guy behind the visuals on ‘Bottled Sunshine’. A country boy at heart, Steven’s goal is to capture the exciting nature of Barbados because even though the island is small, there is always something to do, you just have to go out there and find it.

What Motivates Us

In a country like Barbados with a population of approx. 300,000 people, it is very easy for everyone to know each other and furthermore, follow what everyone else is doing. Due to our size and development as well, it is easy to become uninspired by what the island has to offer.

Bottled Sunshine is driven to show people visiting and living in these areas, that there are many ways to still enjoy the little things we take for granted or simply not recognize.

We highlight the pleasures of being able to freely explore the world around us, share guidance on time management while promoting the power of being genuinely social and showing love!

What We Do

Press Trips – Our blog and social media posts allow us to market your destination in a personal, relatable and fun way.

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Product Reviews


Digital Content


We produce, create and update content for your organization’s website & social media channels.

Strategize and coordinate digital projects and goals.

Write/edit high-quality articles.

Create and manage effective social media accounts


Blog Consulting

Thinking of starting a blog but have hundreds of questions?

Have you been blogging for a while but want to know how to expand even further?


Allow us to help you!



We naturally create authentic and professional photos that tell a story of our travels and your destination. Choose between high-resolution or low-resolution photos to be used on your social media channels or images can be licensed for print or advertising.


In such a short space of time, Bottled Sunshine has had the pleasure of working with a number of amazing brands.

Amongst our list of past and current partners are:

Media Kit

If you’d like a copy of our media kit or want to talk to us about opportunities for working together please email us:

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