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Make Every Day Valentine's Day In Barbados With These 7 Romantic Date Ideas

I love love! But, let’s be honest here, I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day. Now hear me out – prices are usually inflated, not to mention it’s usually a long waiting time or you feel rushed to leave a restaurant. The gifts are also unbelievably cliché and it tends to put pressure on both parties.

So, I, therefore, believe in not waiting for V-Day to show that you love your significant other. After all, there are 365 days a year, so, I’m sure there is enough time to show your feelings. With the remaining 364 days, here are a few date ideas that can make your entire year feel romantic and special.

1. Have A Picnic At Farley Hill…Or Anywhere

Living on a island, there are multiple places to have a romantic picnic. The beach, a lush garden or even indoors, there are indeed some relatively cheap options on the island. Wherever you choose, picnics are a great way to give your relationship a healthy boost.

2. Enjoy A Bottle Of Wine At Harrisonsmith Lighthouse

By now everyone should know that this is one of our favourite spots on the island. The views are just so incredibly breathtaking. So spice it up, take a bottle of wine and enjoy the tranquil nature that it offers.

3. Treat Yourself To A Romantic ‘Airbnb’ Getaway

If you have a few pennies to splurge on a staycation, why not treat you and your significant other to a romantic getaway. There are quite a few Airbnbs on the island which are substantially cheaper than your regular hotel. Some even give you the feeling as though you’ve left the island altogether!

4. Enjoy A Spa Day Together

This! I love the spa and Steven has no objections either. You’ve seen the pictures with us getting facials at OM Wellness Centre, we’ve even had a couple massage and pedicure at The Crane Resort. It’s just so relaxing!

5. Watch A Romantic Movie Under The Stars

You also have multiple options with this one. If you have a backyard, camp out under the stars, or if you have a pickup truck, place some cosy pillows and blankets at the back for the ultimate setting. Do you have a deck or patio? That’s a nice option too!

6. Enjoy A Nice Dinner Where You Both Cooked The Meal

Not many people enjoy slaving over a hot stove, by themselves for that matter. It’s more fun and enjoyable when your significant other jumps in to create a special meal for the both of you.

7. Create An Intimate Setting

Living on an island, there are multiple places to have a romantic picnic. The beach, a lush garden or even indoors, so just make it sexy and through on some lingerie or throw some petals on the floor for added sex appeal!

Every day can feel like Valentine’s Day even with simple gestures. It’s the thought that counts and that’s what makes it special and romantic!


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