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‘Cobblers Cove’ | Hotel Review

Last weekend we enjoyed an amazing day at Cobblers Cove. For those who don't know, Cobblers Cove is a quaint boutique hotel which is located on the north of the island.

It's very charming with its pink and white aesthetic yet very tropical with its blooming gardens as it overlooks the ocean.

Now, Steven and I have been wanting to go to this hotel for a while but never quite got around to it, until they started to advertise their day passes! Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a great deal and this most certainly was. At $75USD/$150BBDS per person, one could enjoy this picturesque boutique hotel as well as water sports. Not to mention that all fees were redeemable at the bar and restaurant!

Yup, we were sold, so to enjoy the day with us, we invited a lovely couple along and a time was had!

Truthfully, this is one of the best day pass "specials" that I've seen thus far. Most hotels offer full access their facilities - at a charge so while most day passes are around the price range of $75USD/$150BBDS per person, Cobbler's allowed it's "day passes guests" to redeem every last dollar on the compound.

Tip: Take advantage of the "COVID" specials! Hotels have been having some amazing specials to appeal to locals as tourists are not flocking in their numbers due to lockdowns and restrictions. Further more, some hotels which never catered to locals were now opening their doors to keep their staff on payroll during such a difficult time for the industry.You can get up to 60% (sometimes more) if you manage to snag these specials so check out what's there!

But you're here for the review, so let's get to it:


The ambience is exactly what you would have expected it to be - quiet and relaxing. Due to the fact that tourism is quite low at the moment, the hotel wasn't full with guests and it truly allowed us to enjoy ourselves (safely).

Pool & Beach

Cobblers Cove is nestled between two beautiful beaches and offered a variety of water sports:

  • Kayaking

  • Paddle Boarding

  • Hobie Cat Sailing

  • Snorkelling

These were all-inclusive as part of the day pass package.

NB: Even though Hobie Cat Sailing was being offered, you could only take part in the activity if you knew how to sail. This was done due to COVID restrictions.

The watersports team (Ricardo and one other lovely gentleman whose name I cannot remember) really made our time enjoyable!

Bar & Restaurant

One may wonder that because all fees were redeemable at the bar and restaurant, that food and drinks must be expensive - but that was not the case! Rather, drinks were comparable to most establishments on the west coast of the island and the food was pretty reasonable and happy hour (on any cocktail) was from 11:30am-12:30pm! Also, even though there was a great Sunday lunch menu at $130BBDS per person, we enjoyed a pretty heavy and decent lunch from the "bar bites" menu - which was cheaper and allowed us to maximize on our food and beverage tab of $150BBDS per person!

In a nutshell, we truly enjoyed our time there and the staff was nothing short of amazing and accommodating. We hope to be back one day where soon and hopefully longer than one day!

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