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7 Free (And Amazing) Things To Do In Barbados

The lovely island of Barbados is known to have a reputation for being a rather expensive destination, but there are plenty amazing things to do while in Barbados.

Here are 7 of my favourite things to do in Barbados – and yes, they are all free!

1.    Take A Walk On The South or West Coast Boardwalk

Most persons can find walking to be boring and quite a chore, but here in Barbados, there is nothing quite as relaxing, entertaining and picturesque as the South and West Coast Boardwalks!

These boardwalks are quite popular amongst locals and tourists alike because not only is it a place of relaxation, it is a place where anyone – whether old or young, blind or not, can come to jog, run and stroll while enjoying the inviting ambience.

The South Coast Boardwalk‘ stretches from just below Accra Beach Hotel and runs parallel to the Hastings Main Road for approximately 1 kilometre towards the west of the island, before coming to a halt before Coconut Court Hotel. On the other hand, ‘the West Coast Boardwalk’ stretches half of a kilometre from Beachlands towards the north of the island until it reaches Zaccios Restaurant.

Tip: ‘The South Coast Boardwalk’ is much livelier than ‘The West Coast Boardwalk’ as there are more bars and restaurants.

Also, keeping in mind that the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west, you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing breathtaking sunrises on the South Coast rather than the West. The sunset will also be more magnificent on the West Coast rather than the South Coast but on the South Coast Boardwalk, you will also be able to capture the amazing sunset as it sets in the west.

2.    Feed The Fish and The Ducks At Codrington College

With a magnificent lily pond filled with fish (and nearby wondering ducks), this is definitely a therapeutic way to spend one’s day!

Completed in 1748, ‘Codrington College’ serves as the grounds for the first institution of higher learning in the West Indies. Not only is the architecture, the carvings of scriptures and other religious texts awe-inspiring, but the entrance alone is a sight to behold.

If this theological college represents what heaven is like, you’d be nothing short of impressed!

Tip: Be sure to pack a few sandwiches to enjoy the breathtaking view of the scenic east coast which lies beyond the entrance and through the arches of the college.

Update (Sent 14th, 2021): While you can still enjoy the grounds and the pond, there is now an entry fee for persons entering the main compound of Codrington College. Adult (locals) pay $5 and adult (tourists) pay $10.

3.    Capture A Moment With The Lion At The Gun Hill Signal Station

Due to the captivating panoramic views of the entire island, the signal stations sighted any advances made towards Barbados – whether friendly or not. Furthermore, beyond housing a collection of military memorabilia, at the base of the signal station is a remarkable white lion statue carved entirely out of a single piece of rock – yes, really!

There is indeed an entry fee  ($6US per person and half the cost for children), to enter the ‘Gun Hill Signal Station’ but a photo with the Lion is completely free!

Tip: You can even climb the Lion – if you dare!

4.    Admire The Work Of Art at The Warrens Mural

The Future Centre Trust developed ‘The Warrens Mural’ – a creative and captivating concept to promote environmental conservation in Barbados. While enhancing the public’s awareness, they also added to the beauty of the area at the same time!


Located next to the ‘CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank Head Office’, it’s most definitely an amazing site to see, as bits and pieces (more like hundreds and thousands) of broken clay pieces were pieced together to create this one of a kind mural.

Tip: Look carefully for the messages embedded into the mural!

5.    Revel In The Scenic East Coast Views At Cherry Tree Hill

Barbados is known to be a very a scenic and photographic island, and the view at ‘Cherry Tree Hill‘ is no different. At the very peak of the hill, you’ll be able to revel in awe at the entire east coast of the island. You’ll feel as though the island was at the bottom of your feet!

Tip: Be sure to approach ‘Cherry Tree Hill’ from ‘St Nicholas Abbey’ rather than the coast. After travelling through the lush area of St.Nicholas Abbey, the view at the peak of the hill is a welcoming surprise!

6.    Watch The Waves Crash At The Animal Flower Cave

The ‘Animal Flower Cave’, affectionately named after the sea anemones that reside in the ocean filled pools within the cave, is located at the northern end of the island, where you will find high cliffs overlooking the ocean.

The ‘Animal Flower Cave’ is rather remarkable with openings that show itself to breathtaking views of the ocean, but, a guided tour of the cave comes at a cost of  $10US (adults) and $5US (children 5 – 12 years). Whereas, on the top of the cliff, you can see the same waves break angrily mere feet away for free – yes, without paying a cent!

Bonus: With changing rooms, shops, bathrooms, a playground and even a waterside restaurant all on site, you’d never want to leave!

7.    Plan Self-Guided Tour Around The Island

Barbados is the perfect destination for a self-guided tour around the island. With its breathtaking sceneries, unique personalities and historic adventure, this is without a doubt one of the most irresistible Caribbean destinations to explore. All you need is your rental car, GPS navigation system/maps and you’re all set! Matter of fact, you can tour the entire island in two days – yes, really!

Tip: When in doubt, feel free to ask the locals as they are some of the most pleasant set of people you’ll come across and they are always keen to help.

The ‘Bus Stop’ signs can also be very useful. If you find that you are lost and you see a ‘Bus Stop’ sign, be sure to follow the direction of the ‘Bus To City Stop’ sign as it 9 times out of 10 will bring you closer to civilisation rather than the ‘Bus Out Of City Stop’ sign! 

When in doubt, travel towards the city!


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