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‘Waves Hotel & Spa by Elegant Hotels’ | Hotel Review

if you've been following along with us on our IG page - you'll know that we spent a wonderful weekend at the 'Waves Hotel & Spa by Elegant Hotels' to celebrate Steven's 29th birthday!

But, if you've also been following us from the very beginning, you'll know that we aren't massive fans of hotels - rather we are the Airbnb/villa type. So why did we opt for a hotel staycation?

You see, despite the pandemic, thankfully, our full time hustles were not impacted severely. The only change was that we were now to work as "normal" but from the comfort of our home which turned out to be more hectic than ever before (and with longer hours). So we were in desperate need of a break and since we had to cancel our trip to Curaco for the 2nd time, we decided to keep it simple (and relaxing) so we opted for an all-inclusive getaway.

So with that being said, let's dive into this review:


On arriving, we were promptly greeted by security who took (and recorded) our temperatures and sanitized our hands. We were then greeted by a gentleman from the front desk department who politely asked to sanitize the handles of our luggage before taking them to the room for us.

We were then greet by Crystal, who checked us in and thoroughly explained the changes within the hotel due to COVID-19 and the government mantadated curfew. I'd definitely say that the way in which they followed the COVID-19 protocols was a huge plus for us because no one wants to leave the comfort of their home to come back a few days later with COVID!


Originally we booked the Ocean Front Room from a promotion we saw on social media and was later upgraded (complimentary) to the Ocean Front Junior Suite.

The Ocean Front Junior Suite was slightly bigger than the Ocean Front Room along with closet space, table and divider so we happier accepted the upgrade.

All of the information regarding changes in restaurant hours due to the curfew are clearly made available for you to familiarize yourself with.

The minibar is also fully stocked to accommodate for the fact that the hotel bar closes at 8pm to allow staff the time to be home by curfew at 9pm.

Tip: the building appears to be 3 stories tall - so don't sweat if you're on the 2nd floor and not the 3rd floor if you're interested in an ocean view room like we were. You're still going to see nothing but amazing views (sand, seas and palm trees)!


The ambience was nothing short of what they describe the hotel to be - the ultimate all-inclusive mind and body holiday. But truthfully, the hotel didn't appear to be at maximum capacity so that also allowed us to thoroughly relax and enjoy ourselves.

Waves Hotel Barbados


The "Dine Around" feature was certainly our favorite feature of the hotel. The elegant group of hotels allows a guest at any one of their resorts to "Dine Around" at other restaurants within the group at no charge!

Yup, I said it, no additional charge! Of course, this is subject to availability and excludes 'The House'.

We therefore took advantage of this program and visit two other hotels - Tamarind and Crystal Cove!

Which one was our favorite?

I think we'll have to go with Tamarind! Lunch was so great that we went back for dinner the same day. The food was excellent and the staff was also top notch!

Tip: Don't be afraid to ask the front desk for some advice/recommendations - they'll be sure to point you in the right direction and even provide menus to make your decision easier!

Pool & Beach

Aside from the "Dine Around" program, the amenities especially for the beach felt almost limitless.

I was extremely happy to know that water sports was still being offered despite the pandemic but snorkeling was the only thing that wasn't offered during that time - however, for guests who indeed wanted snorkel, they must provide their own snorkel and mask (for obvious reasons). Other than that we partook in the remaining water activities which were:

  • Waterskiing (probably like 5 times!)

  • Tube Rides

  • Kayaking

  • Standup Paddle Boarding

  • Hobie Cat Sailing

Paddle Boarding Barbados | Waves Hotel

Personally, my favorite activity was hobie cat sailing since it was my first time doing such - and let me tell you, I loved every moment of it!

I also thoroughly enjoyed the Pool and Beach Ambassador service - Chadderton was stellar.

There is truly not better feeling that when someone anticipates your every need!

Tip: The beach is where all the action is at! The only activity that's not available in your room rate is jet-skiing but all the other activities are - so here is the perfect chance to try something you've never done before!


One thing you'll learn about us is that specials always peek our interest so the fact that they were offering complimentary treatments was an added bonus. Like seriously, how could one not relax in paradise?

It was unfortunate that the sauna and steam room are not available during our time at Wave Hotel due to Covid 19 but our time was definitely well spent in every way possible!

Truthfully, we can't say one bad thing about our stay except for the fact that we one lady from the restaurant seemed to be having a bad day our first morning for breakfast - but we chalked that up to the fact that it was an off day because we never experienced another hiccup like it for the remainder of our stay! More so, to our surprise, Wave Hotel was also sure to notify Tamarind of our celebrations and Steven was ecstatic - so much so that he thought it planned it!

It really was the little and considerate touches that made it truly a relaxing birthday getaway.

Despite the pandemic, they hotel tried their very best to keep a certain level of normalcy.

Thanks again to the general manager, Kim, Crystal (front desk), Sabrina (restaurant), Chadderton (beach & bar), Lee (water sports) and every one who made our stay special!


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Waves Hotel Barbados Review


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