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5 Things To Know Before Going To Altantis, Bahamas

The Atlantis Resort is one of the most infamous and iconic resorts in the Caribbean and I honestly never thought I'd ever have the chance to stay at such an amazing resort!

If you are heading to the Atlantis Resort In The Bahamas anytime soon here are a few things you need to know before you go on your vacation!

Be Prepared To Walk...A lot!

Atlantis is home to six different hotels and buildings all with their own unique vibe and design. We stayed at the Royal Towers (the most photographed and picture below). The resort also includes: The Cove (the most luxurious), Beach Towers (the most affordable), Coral Towers, The Reef Atlantis and the Harborside Resort.

The Atlantis Resort, Bahamas

Therefore, depending on where you are and what you'd like to do, it can easily take you 15 minutes to get to your desired location. With that being said...

Plan Your Day In Advance

It's easy to completely shut off when you're on vacation - after all, that's what a vacation is all about! But due to the magnitude of the resort alone, it's much easier to have a general idea of how you'd like to spend your day to save your precious feet the torment that you'd inevitably put them through. Imagine walking 20 minutes to grab lunch only to realize that the restaurant closed 30 minutes ago!

Insider Tip: you'll find maps and a variety of pamphlets in your room so be sure to familiarize yourself with the resort and this will also help you to maximize your time on your resort.

Be Sure To Put A Budget In Place

In the Bahamas, they take USD as though it's their own currency because the exchange rate is 1:1. Therefore, coming from Barbados, where the exchange rate to the US dollar is 2:1 - early on we realized it was going to be an expensive trip!

Imagine spending 60BBDS/30USD for a regular portion of burger and fries - that's insane, so have a plan in place as food and drinks will take up a bulk of your expenses.

Steven and I stayed at the Atlantis as part of a business trip for Steven, so in order to cut down on our food and drink budget, Steven would bring back yogurts and pastries for me each day from breakfast which was packaged with the conference. I have a small frame so I don't need much, then we'll plan for lunch and dinner. Also, due to the business trip, some lunches and dinners were not coming from our pocket!

Insider Tip: There are some areas that are more reasonably priced such as the eateries near the marina and harbor. for sandwiches and light bites such as Bahamian Conch Salad. You can also get a meal plan which is an affordable options for families with children as the cost ranges from $96-180 per day for an adult but children under 11 are free as long as there is a paying adult on the meal plan. We also bought the refillable cup and refilled it several times per day during our stay at the refill machines.

Make The Trip Pay For Itself With The Amenities

As the resort can be pretty pricey (like most other resorts), be sure to take in as many complimentary activities as you can! Free activities include: access to all marine exhibits, free classes at the fitness center, daily fish feeding and marine life education and so much more!

Spend Time Off Property

We used this business trip as the first leg of our honeymoon where we spent 5 full days at the resort. We then decided to spend another 3 days at an Airbnb where we explored Bahamas a bit more with the help of some amazing friends! Therefore, not only did we get the "tourist experience" we were also able to save some cash and experience a bit of the local way of life!


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