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‘The Orange Street Grocer’ | Restaurant Review

The ‘Orange Street Grocer‘ is swiftly becoming one of my favourite restaurants and here is why.

Steven and I have been there twice now – once for breakfast and again for lunch – which happened to turn into an early dinner and on both occasions, we left happy, stuffed and satisfied.

The Orange Street Grocer

Personally, I don’t describe myself as a breakfast person even though I really wish I was because, who wouldn’t want to wake up to warm sausages, baked beans, fresh tomatoes, and scrambled eggs?!

*throws hand violently into the air*

I would! Pick me!

But, I’m usually sleeping or rushing to work – so, despite my wonderfully realistic dreams, and very few attempts, a good breakfast at home, hardly ever seems possible.

But on this occasion, we managed to rise from our slumber early enough to take a drive to the north of the island for some breakfast. We got there around 9am and since it opens at 8:30am, we were the only persons there. So on this day, we actually managed to get out of bed early and have the restaurant all to ourselves?!

This must be our lucky day!

We went to the cashier first where the menus are displayed (and written up daily) to order. You have the option of paying after and they’ll bring your order out to you once it’s finished.

Within minutes of finding our perfect spot, the ever so friendly staff would bring out a bottle of water with glasses filled with ice. I really like that because this eliminates persons coming over every 10 minutes to refill your glass and on a hot day, which are most days in Barbados, so it’s certainly refreshing!

The breakfast was simple (scrambled eggs, toast and bacon with a side of butter and strawberry jam) but nicely done and more importantly, we didn’t have to wait long either. But to tell you the truth, even if my breakfast was utter crap, it’s easy to get caught up in great conversation while staring into the distance in admiration of the ‘Speightstown Pier’.

This location is prime!


If you’re a pizza lover, then you’d certainly love ‘The Orange Street Grocer’s’ thin crust, gourmet pizza which is cooked and baked to perfection in their stone oven.

We managed to make it to ‘The Orange Street Grocer’ at 5:30pm which was too late for lunch and early for dinner but it worked out perfectly as we ate our dinner as the sun set in an orange glow over the horizon.

Our pizzas were simply amazing – Steven’s pizza was topped with olives, ham and mozzarella while mine was topped with prosciutto, mozzarella, olives and rosemary.

This is the moment where I should say that Steven and I are both on diets – a no flour diet – *insert loud laugh here* – but we just couldn’t help it, after all, doesn’t it look healthy and it’s thin crust, that must count for something!

But even after eating an entire pizza, it didn’t leave me feeling sluggish as their pizzas certainly have a light air about them while remaining healthy and of course simply delicious.


While you’re there, be sure to take a look around the restaurant, you’ll find Turkish Towels from ‘Always Summer‘ and even pepper sauce from ‘Orange Street Grocer’ and much much more!

I’d like to think that the drive down the north of the island was certainly worth it and I hope you do too, therefore, I’ll give ‘Orange Street Grocer’ four hearts – because I loved the location, loved the healthy and delicious food, loved staff and loved the quirky bits that make it what it is!


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