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The Most Creative (And Romantic) Birthday Surprise…Ever!


It’s been way more than a couple of days since my 26th birthday and I’ve finally made the time to write this post – needless to say, this summer has been a busy one!

But, this post is mainly a thank you post to my amazing boyfriend and my amazing friends – no seriously, what would I do without you guys?

Now, let’s get to the story you’ve been waiting for…

Everyone knows that I’m not a big fan of surprises – period, point blank. The lack of control, as well as the unknown and the uncertainty, really puts me on edge, so usually, I just rather not go through the nerve wracking experience! Plus, I’m not super fussy about birthday’s either – literally, I’ve had two birthday parties, my 3rd and 7th and now we can add my 26th to the list – yayyy!

But knowing my boyfriend, I knew he would without a doubt plan something for me. So, I had one request – please, for the love of humanity, do not get me a birthday cake!

You see, one of the most random facts about me is that I strongly dislike typical birthday cakes – the icing, the sugar, the… everything is pretty much a turnoff for me and this was the only thing that Steven had to work with – which really wasn’t much in retrospect! But, Steven seemingly took this as motivation and planned the most epic, most creative, and the most romantic birthday surprise ever.

Now I may dislike cake, but I love sushi, so imagine my surprise when Steven led me down a beautiful pathway surrounded by flourishing trees and plants, to a sushi chef, who was there not only to cater for the event but to teach me how to make sushi!


How did he know?!

I mean, yes we talked about it once but I kindaaa assumed he’d forget about how much I wanted to learn how to make sushi and likewise, I forgot about it too!

So there I was, ecstatic, overwhelmed and speechless because there is something really special about gifts and surprises that have thought behind it. And thought plus effort makes for not only an amazing surprise, but a memorable one!

I was speechless – literally and not figuratively, because someone took the time to think about all the things that I actually love and all the things I truly dislike to create a memorable moment that one only reads about!

But, creating edible masterpieces was only the beginning of Steven’s master plan.

Whilst I was learning the art of sushi, my amazing friends were quietly lurking in the background putting the final touches in place.

2017-07-18 23.19.05.jpg

Yes, my friends decorated the venue with photoshoot-ready back drops and tissue flowers hanging from every possible branch in sight.

Yes, I knew my friends were talented but I didn’t know they were event decorators too!


Little did I know that I was helping ths sushi chef create sushi for my friends who were all hiding in the bushes!

Either I am, deaf, blind or my friends have mastered the art of ‘stealth mode’ because I didn’t see anyone on arrival – except for Ashley who went to make a quick errand for the party and didn’t realize I actually spotted her or Brendon who happened to be outside making a call when we arrived!

But, Steven, his (now my) little sister Steffani as well as my best friend Zarita, had been planning this surprise for weeks. This surprise included site visits with Amery (my friend and photographer), purchasing the necessary ingredients, rallying up all my closest friends and loved ones while keeping it all a secret – because that in itself is hard to do since I’m so inquisitive, but they did, and I was truly surprised.

Thank you again to everyone – from those hiding behind the trees, to those who jumped out of the trees, to the chefs who took the time out of their day to make and bring something special, to my personal decorators, to those who got me online courses that I desperately needed, to those who couldn’t be there in body but sent their love in spirit –

I love you all!


Cheers to 26, let make this year epic!


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