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An Open Letter To My Amazing Boyfriend…In Case You Need To Be Reminded

On the heels of my 26th birthday (and yes I’m still feeling rather nostalgic – so let a girl live), I couldn’t help but think of how grateful I was to have such an amazing boyfriend – Steven!

Steven plotted, planned, schemed and managed to pull together such an amazing surprise for me to celebrate my birthday which put all of my other birthday celebrations to absolute shame!

But now I think about it, I don’t believe I ever had many celebrations in the past.

The last major celebration I had was when I was 6 years old.

I mean, one can argue and say “you don’t have to have a boyfriend to plan a party” but to be honest, I have a major fear of rejection – most people do. So to plan a party for 100 and only have 5 actually show up would have been a major blow to my confidence so I just never bothered.

According to my cousin Najuma – “you really have a lot of people who love and care for you Bernz” and Steven truly showed me how many people I have in my corner and that outside of my surprise was the greatest gift I could have asked for!

P.S – A wise guy – Jarrad mentioned to me that I couldn’t possibly be upset with Steven until my next birthday, and I think he was right, but then again, if I happen to forget the deal I made (ya know, being human and all), here’s an open letter to my amazing boyfriend – just in case he needed to be reminded!

Dear Boyfriend,

Before I met you, I was fragile and torn apart. Quite frankly, I was torn apart and broken into a million little pieces which I thought could never be whole again. But, by the time I met you, my life was now starting to get back on track and the broken pieces were finding itself back together — some way, some how. And now, during the time that we have been together, it’s as though those pieces were never broken and I am happier than ever, so I want to thank you.

Thank You for the big things and even more importantly, for the smaller things — because those morning messages really set the tone for my day and I still get butterflies in my stomach when you hold my hand. 


Thank You for accepting me — flaws and all because there is no better feeling than when someone sees you as perfect in their eyes.

Thank You for respecting me and our relationship — because you don’t give with the expectation of receiving but you give because you truly understand boundaries without me having to tell you what those boundaries are.


Thank You for not taking me for granted — because asking me about my day, or my opinions and always thinking about how I’d feel truly makes me feel appreciated.

Thank You for making time for me — because you’re never too busy to call, never too busy to text and never too busy for sushi night. 


Thank You for being that person that I can trust and wholeheartedly open up to — while not being judgmental – “because ain’t nobody got time for that”!

Thank You for being open-minded — because sometimes adventures are a tad bit more fun when you just let go. Now we both have a fond love for golf!


Thank You for being honest — because sometimes I need it, even when I don’t like it.

Thank You for being genuine — because who really has time for the fake crap anyway?


Thank You for not taking me for granted — because asking me about my day, or my opinions and always thinking about how I’d feel truly makes me feel appreciated.

Thank You for being my handsome cheerleader — because sometimes I need that a sexy cheerleader for that extra boost when I don’t believe in myself.


Thank You for listening to me — because we all know that requires a lot as I always have something to say.

And lastly, thank you for being you — a patient, kind and intelligent soul who makes all of my days that much better. The skies are bluer with you, the trees are greener with you and my smiles are broader because of you. So thank you, for being that person who I cannot envision my life without.

#mySteven ❤️


Your Forever Grateful Girlfriend