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Pregnancy Journal Entry #1 - We're Pregnant!

It's taken me some time to begin the journaling progress of our pregnancy and after our previous experience, it's been hard.

It's been hard balancing happiness with caution because even though we are so excited for this chapter of our lives, we've created emotional distance as a shield to protect us from any further heartbreak.

Fast forward and we're now 18 weeks, pregnant! Can you imagine that we're nearly half-way there!?

As the physical changes become more evident, everything now suddenly feels so real:

  • My stomach taking shape - has been real

  • My stomach getting rounder (and bigger) - has been real

  • The flutters I feel of my little one growing inside of me - this, this is real

At this point in time of our pregnancy, every symptom is a blessing and every doctors appointment is a milestone in our lives and well as our child's and we are...



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