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Let's Make A Red Wine Sangria!

Recently we've been attempting to mix our own cocktails for two reasons:

  1. COVID continues to range on and quite frankly my nerves can't deal with too many people PLUS the potential of getting sick and,

  2. It's a great way to save some coins (and I'm all about saving cash)

  3. It's actually lots of fun

So has we head into yet another lockdown, we were happy to stock up on some of our favorite wines and spirits from The Grape Vine and for this creation, we used the Trivento Temptation Sweet Malbec from Argentina to get started.

If you've been keen on wanting to create your own sangria, follow along!


Firstly, you'll want to start by slicing and putting aside the fruits that you'll like to use. We used apples, oranges and strawberries.

Add the oranges and apples to the pitcher that you intend to use and muddle them together to extract some of that lovely fresh orange juice. Then add the strawberries after to avoid them getting crushed!


Once you've done that, now you can add the star - the Trivento Temptation Sweet Malbec and stir!

Optional: if you want your sangria to be on the sweeter side, add sugar to taste at this stage. Even though this red wine isn't extremely sweet, we wanted to keep it light and refreshing so we chose not to add sugar.


Let's Make A Red Wine Sangria

Serve as is, or add ice to chill. Adding garnish is completely optional but it certainly adds a level of sophistication and fancy to your cocktail - after all, we're coming out of this second lockdown as seasoned mixologists no?!


Now it's time to enjoy! We managed to make it down to Conset Bay, St. John to enjoy our creation - it's off the beaten track which allowed us to take in the fresh air of the east coast by ourselves which continues to be important during these times.

Sangria is definitely one of Steven's favorite cocktails and I can totally understand why - it's simple, fruity, sweet and most importantly, refreshing!


Ready to mix your own Sangria?

Our first "mix your own cocktail and stay home" series is sponsored by The Grape Vine which has two convenient locations (Sunset Crest, St. James and Lanterns Mall, Christ Church) where they both offer contactless curbside pickup!

And if you're anything like me, you'll want to check out their full catalog to view all of the wines and spirits they carry along with some great tips and recipes too!

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Let's Make A Red Wine Sangria


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