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Blended Brunch Part 2 | Event Review

continued from Part 1

Dress Code

Now the dress code was chic which is code for, be casual but still remember this is “Blended Brunch”. Hence, flowing dresses, bright colours, chic sunglasses and hats were all the range for the females and the guys also came out in their numbers dressed to the nines.

Yes, this is a “bougie” event so look the part!


Overall, the vibe was great! Depending on what time you got there, you either came into a calming brunch or a full fete in action. But there was definitely a clear progression. During the earlier times when food was the main interest, the atmosphere was light-hearted and filled with chatter. As time went on and everyone ate to their heart’s content, the mood gradually shifted to reflect such as the DJs on hand also played music which suited the mood as it shifted.


This location at the Barbados Museum was comfortable enough for the ladies to wear heels or flats and cool enough for no one to be dying from a heat stroke! Bathrooms were also easily accessible and food and drinks were in abundant supply.


You were given adequate warning that even though the event itself had put provisions in place to provide ample parking, boxing day is also synonymous with horse racing and that even also brings a crowd. Therefore, at the time we arrived, the parking attendants helpfully allocated a spot for us.

Overall, this was an amazing event which was thoughtfully planned by promoters. I’m happy that there is another event which rivals some of the other well known events on Boxing Day.

It was the boujiest, booziest Boxing Day brunch you’ll ever have – and you wouldn’t regret it!


For a recap of the day’s events, check out these amazing

photos by Steven Jemmott


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