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7 Fun Pregnancy Bucket List Ideas To Try Before The Baby Arrives

If you're an expectant mother, you're probably filled with a roller coaster of emotions. From the excitement you feel at each doctors visit to the pressure you may feel preparing for you little one's arrival.

Seriously, pregnancy can be stressful and let's be honest, these last few months will be the last chance to spend some good quality (and a fun) time with your partner and friends.

Take this time to have fun, to enjoy this journey because the doors of this chapter are quickly closing as you prepare for the next!

Here are 7 fun things to do while pregnant:

1. Plan A Date

Ultimately, your family is growing, so soak up these last moments of quality time before your baby arrives. While Steven and I intend to fully take our baby on all of our adventures, we know that this would be the last time few months of just us.

2. Pamper Yourself

Don't forget to take care of yourself during this time because growing a baby will have an impact on you mentally and physically. After all, once the baby arrives, you probably won’t be paying much attention to yourself, so take advantage of this time to treat yourself.

Remember, your emotional state is important during this time and can have an impact on your baby’s development! So even if there are stresses in your life, take some time for YOU because your baby will also enjoy those moments.

3. Create Fun Mocktails

Firstly let me say this - I'm not a big drinker but I was very disappointed whenever we went to restaurants and the options for non-alcoholic cocktails in Barbados was virtually non-existent with the exception of restaurants such as Dis Ol House, Local and Co Barbados and a few others.

Whenever I asked for the options available the responses were usually:

Yes sure we have virgin daiquiris, virgin pina coladas, juices...

Needless to say, I was not pleased because us mommas-to-be want to also feel somewhat normal during this time - right? So countless lemonades later, we were inspired to create out our mocktails.

Not only is this a fun activity that you can do at home (especially for those cocktail lovers), it's also fun for your spouse!

4. Take A Babymoon

There is something so tranquil about shutting out the world for a few days (or weeks) and simply having a change of scenery with your spouse. We've been fortunate enough to have two babymoons! One in our first trimester and the other in our second.

Truthfully, the first babymoon was completely coincidental as I was planning Steven's 30th birthday celebrations before we knew we were expecting. We found out we were expecting in December and had travel plans in January and the break was needed. After our miscarriage, our first trimester was a bit nerve-wrecking so 14 days at sea was exactly what we needed - we slept well, we ate well and those feelings of anxiety floated away.

The second babymoon was to gather some baby essentials as well as to visit family who we wouldn't have seen in the last two years due to covid-19.

5. Create A Pregnancy Journal/Memory Book

If you've been following us for a while now, you'll know that we love creating journals/memory books. From birthday to holiday books, we will find a reason to store our precious memories.

With motherhood looming, , we wanted to create a keepsake for us and our baby.

Personally, I've seen a lot of incomplete pregnancy journals (like my own) or journals with sections that aren't always relevant to the mom, therefore creating your own adds another layer of depth and meaning.

Our pregnancy journal is still in process, but the sections we have included thus far are our:

  • Birth Story

  • Letter To Our Unborn Baby

  • Birth Affirmations

  • 'The Day You Baby Came Into The World'

  • 'How You Got Your Name'

While we know we'll look back at these pages of this journal for years to come, we truly can't wait to give our little one this book.

6. Prepare The Nursery

Preparing the nursery was something that was near and dear to our hearts because we felt as though our baby needed his/her own space. This space needed to be calming not only for our baby but for mom and dad too!

We've managed to get the heavy lifting out of the way such as painting and new cabinetry - now for the good stuff, decorating!

7. Book A Maternity Photo Shoot

This was a given! With Steven being a photographer, there was no way that we'll come to the end of this pregnancy without having many photos! But, while Steven was able to snap some amazing photos of me on more than one occasion, it was very important to book a couples maternity shoot to get photos of us together as we're both going through this pregnancy together.

Our maternity photos were also included in our pregnancy journal and we are so grateful to have these memories that we can physically look back on.


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