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Take A Piece Of Barbados With You With 5 Locally-Made Products

This year, the historic and commemorative month of November represents the 50th Anniversary of Independence for this beautiful gem of the Caribbean. So, there really isn’t a better time than now, to not only show our love for this little island but the love for everything ‘Bajan’! So here is a list of some of my favourite products that are made right here in Barbados – 100% Bajan!

1.    Cigars made by ‘The Caribbean Cigar Company’

Most persons visiting Barbados simply come for the sand and the sea but little know that Barbados manufactures two top-of-the-line cigars – ‘Royal Barbados’ and ‘The Sam Lord’ cigars. Located in ‘The Pelican Village’ complex – a stone’s throw away from the Bridgetown Port, this is your opportunity to not only buy local but to go and see premium cigars made entirely by hand – that’s right, all by hand, no machines!

This is certainly a very interesting trip for non-smokers and smokers alike! And it’s free!

Tip: ‘Pelican Craft Centre’ is also a great place to see and buy other forms of locally made items such as jewellery, paintings, and handcrafted garments!

2.    Pottery made by ‘Earthworks Pottery’

Located in the lush parish of St.Thomas, the Earthworks studio is an amazing place to see clay being moulded into fantastic works of functional art. Not only do they cater to any need – from trinkets to magnets as well as mugs and plates, they also specialise in personal orders.

What’s more unique than having your own inscriptions made specially for you or your loved one?

Nothing! And it’s free to look, so what’s stopping you from going?

Earthworks Pottery is truly,“No Ordinary Pottery!”

3.    Sugar made by ‘Plantation Reserve’

The sugar industry in Barbados is very symbolic. It dates back to a time in history where the economy was primarily a sugar-based economy, sustained by slavery. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Barbados makes some of the finest sugar on the face of the planet. After all, we have had decades of practice as Barbados was a sanctuary for sugar cane plantations since the 16th century!

But what makes our locally produced sugar truly unique? – Everything!

Yes, everything from the gold colour to the wonderful aroma, and of course the luxurious taste is what truly sets it apart!

#FunFact – Barbados is the only coral island that continues to grow sugar cane and produce sugar!

4.    Chocolate made by the ‘Agapey Chocolate Factory’

Located in the heart of Barbados – Bridgetown, here you’ll have the opportunity to taste exquisite dark chocolate.

At a rate of $20 USD per person, the ‘Agapey Chocolate Factory’ is truly unique. It’s one of the few companies – in the world, that still uses traditional methods and machinery. So here’s your chance to experience the bean to bar process in the tropical island of Barbados

Tip: Tours are conducted on Wednesdays & Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. as well as Fridays at 11:00 a.m. Tours must also be booked in advance by 9:00 p.m. day before the tour date.

5.    Calypso Rum Cake made by ‘Tortuga Rum Cakes’

As Barbados is well known for producing the world’s oldest and finest rum, it wouldn’t be right if the infamous rum cake didn’t make the list. It is the perfect blend of Mount Gay Rum – the world’s oldest rum, fine vanilla and butter.

Tip: Enjoy a nice warm slice with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream – yum!

#FunFact:  rum is an integral part of our history, dating back to its invention in the 17th century!

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