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Creating The Perfect DIY Luxury Picnic

Steven and I are known to enjoy a picnic or two - matter of fact, you can typically find us at a scenic location with a picnic basket in hand.

But, after seeing "luxe picnics" popping up more and more, we decided that it would be fun to create our own version of a luxury picnic and with the current climate - we set our sights on a comfortable location where masks weren't required - our home!

The great thing about planning a picnic in the comfort of your home is that you can make is as simple or elaborate as you wish - indoors, on the patio, on your frontyard (or backyard) or even on a rooftop. Trust us - there are options!

So, after scouring Pinterest for inspiration we set our sights on creating our very own luxury picnic and here are the deets:


We opted for a boho inspired picnic theme as it was one of the easiest themes for us to work with.

Quick Tip: Picking the theme is always helpful because it allows you to determine the main items that you'll need (and most importantly, the items that you don't need).


We opted for the front yard due to the fact that we preferred the "outdoor vibe". The other options would have been:

  • the garage - and we weren't feeling that due to the lack of shade during the day or the need to relocate the cars

  • the patio - but that requires us to work around the existing patio furniture or more it altogether

  • indoors - Skye (our puppy) would have found it entertaining and I could imagine him making the set up process difficult

Therefore, from the available options, the outdoor setting was the perfect location!


This was the easy bit as we opted for a fruit platter for breakfast and the typical "bajan Sunday food" for lunch. Why reinvent the wheel and purchase unnecessary groceries - make use of what you have!

Now that we've gotten the major things out of the way, here are a few things that would bring it all together:

Rug - a rug (or even a blanket) brings every thing together and makes the the setting so much more comfortable. For a couple - I suggest using one rug. Pro Tip: Have a rug at home? Save some coins and use what you already have. Our round boho rug usually resides in our of the rooms so we relocated it for this occasion!

Table - having a table seems pretty obvious for a luxury picnic as you'll not only need it to eat and drink comfortably, but to decorate it and bring that "luxe" vision to life!

We had a 4 foot and 6 foot folding table at our disposable so we went with the 4 foot table as it was perfect for a couple's picnic. We propped the table two wooden square to give us a low and comfortable height.

Tent – Truthfully we didn't need the tent but the idea of having a tent brought the vision together! So we got some wooden sticks (also known as "mop sticks" and fabrics and made our own tent!

Couple Tip: focus on having fun together. Building our own tent allowed us to be playful with each other and that's always great for keeping a relationship alive.

Pillows - for our luxe couple picnic we used 5 pillows to create an comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Tablescape - here is where you can get a fancy as you desire. We opted for white sheet (because that's what was at our disposal. We also opted for fresh baby breath flowers because those are my favorite flowers. To make the table complete and to keep with the luxury theme, we added dinnerware, cutlery, napkins and glasses to the table.

iPad and Portable Speaker - not necessary but it truly added to a relaxing day in the front yard.

The best thing about our "picnic date" was creating it for ourselves. Most of the items we used we already had on hand but purchasing the little bits that and creating something special together made it even more special.


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