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A Tropical Thanksgiving: 4 Reasons To Celebrate Thanksgiving In Barbados

Thanksgiving is one of the USA’s most cherished and adored holidays. Celebrated each year on the fourth Thursday in November – November 23rd in 2017, Thanksgiving is typically about amazing street parades, food, football and not to mention, family.

Although Barbados doesn’t have a Thanksgiving holiday, nor do we traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving, here are 5 reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving in Barbados

– with a tropical twist of course!

1.    No Sweater Weather = Amazing Weather

As the rainy season passes and as the rainfall declines, late November is a fantastic time to visit Barbados. The weather is typically quite sunny with the odd scattered showers – perfect for lying on a sun-lounger with the sea breeze sweeping over you.

While madness ensues all around you due to the hustle and bustle of the festivities, who wouldn’t dream of celebrating Thanksgiving in a tropical paradise?

2.    Warm Golden Sands And Aqua Blue Waters

Without a doubt, Barbados has some of the best beaches to offer in the Southern hemisphere and with picturesque white sandy beaches and stellar crystal clear waters, you’d never want to leave. Furthermore, beach days are one of the best ways to spend time with your entire family and truly reconnect.

Enjoy the simplistic beauty of island life at it’s best!

3.    Tropical Beauty At It’s Best – Inside And Out

With a total area of 430 square kilometres, Barbados offers more than just breathtaking sceneries alongside its unique and historic nature. It also offers a dynamic nightlife, exquisite restaurants and delicious food making it an irresistible destination to explore.

What’s more, you’d feel right at home as the tropical and hospitable nature of the island is also reflected in the self-proclaimed ‘Bajans’.

Come for the island but stay because of the love for the people!

4.    The Land of “The Rum That Invented Rum”

Not only does rum power the entire Caribbean as it’s an integral part of Caribbean history but here in Barbados, it is the land where rum was invented! We are definitely experts in this field and not only does it show in our 1,500 rum shops scattered across the island, but we also export $57 million of rum per year across the world!

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we have a festival that celebrates food as well as rum – the ‘Barbados Food And Rum Festival’!

With a variety of rum experts, mixologists and top chefs (local and international acclaimed) coming together to celebrate gastronomic art adding to the picturesque backdrop that is the Caribbean – Need I say more?

What more can one ask for? After all, home is where the heart is!

So to all of our American friends and travel enthusiasts – Happy Tropical Thanksgiving!

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