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A Quick Guide To The Barbados’ Wildlife

Without a doubt, the zoo (pretty much any zoo) can be one of the most captivating activities for children and adults alike.


Barbados doesn’t actually have a zoo (sorry to burst your bubble). What we do have is a wildlife reserve – which is ten times better than a zoo!

Now hear me out, while we may not have a fascinating white tiger like the ‘Singapore Zoo’, nor do we have giant pandas like the ‘Toronto Zoo’, what makes “The Reserve” truly unique, lies in the foundation of the establishment – a research centre established for the conservation and study of green monkeys!

#FunFact: The Barbados Primate Research Centre was established in 1982 by Canadian primatologist Jean Baulu and his wife, Suzanne –  they really seemed to have loved…primates – duh!

Therefore, it truly isn’t a surprise that the main attractions are those cheeky little green monkeys!

But, the Wildlife Reserve doesn’t just feature monkeys – that would be rather boring – it really would, so you’ll have the chance to see tonnes of tortoises, peacocks, Brocket deer, Mara and much more.

If you are anything like me, I bet you’re asking – ‘what is a mara?’

And my response will be, go to ‘The Wildlife Reserve’ to find out!

But seriously, did you know that you could find such a species of mammal in Barbados? Or even the Brocket deer?

Who knew – seriously, did you?

IMG-20170702-WA0009 copy.jpg

The reserve features some caged animals as well but most importantly, you’ll have the chance to see a substantial amount of animals roaming freely throughout the reserve which is without a doubt the highlight and one of the reasons why it’s ten times better than your regular zoo!

Now beat that Singapore Zoo!

Most Memorable Moment: seeing the majestic peacocks strolling towards us! Known for its, iridescent tails, there is nothing quite like seeing this colourful creature in all of its splendid glory!

Also, there were plenty mating turtles  – who knew turtles had such an active life!

Open daily from 9 am to 5 pm and at the low cost of US$15 for adults and US$7.5 for children, it’s definitely worth the venture! Your admission to ‘The Reserve’ will also gain you admission into the ‘Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station’ – a three in one deal!

If you’re interested in seeing the monkeys – which you really should be as it’s the main attraction, be sure to get there by 2 pm!

For further information, visit The Barbados Wildlife Reserve or call 422-8826


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