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5 Things To Do When You’re At ‘The Fish Pot Restaurant’

I simply love ‘The Fish Pot Restaurant’ – like L.O.V.E – ‘love overcomes virtually everything’ type of love.

And for the record, this is not a paid advertisement – I wish!

But, it has definitely grown to become one of my favourite restaurants – but why?

‘The Fish Pot’ – located on the west of the island, is more than a dining experience, rather, it encapsulates island life at its best by merging breathtaking turquoise waters, amazing drinks, and mouth-watering food, all with a relaxed atmosphere and impeccable service.

Don’t get me wrong, when you’re on an amazing island like Barbados, most restaurants offer great food, drinks, service and the atmosphere. But, when you’re at ‘The Fish Pot Restaurant’ it’s a bit different and a bit more special as you can find yourself spending the entire day in this little slice of heaven doing different things and you’ll really never want to leave!

So, here are some of the things that you should do when you’re at ‘The Fish Pot Restaurant’:

1.   Take A Picture In The Window

The Fish Pot Restaurant, Barbados

Because why wouldn’t you?

Like a moth to a flame, this is one of the first features that resonated with me.

I’m not sure about you, but for me, a big bright window which imitates what I hope the “window to heaven” would look like, is simply captivating!

*cue the sounds of angels*

2.    Enjoy A Drink On The Beach

If you happen to be in the area and you don’t care for breakfast, lunch or dinner, enjoy the ambience and sip on a rum punch – or four!

3.    Have Breakfast, Lunch and/or Dinner

As it is the restaurant of a family-run hotel, called the ‘Little Good Harbour‘, they do a pretty amazing job of keeping the menu fresh and appetising. They literally give you no reason to ever want to leave – after all, there is certainly something for everyone (yes, children included) and with great portions at an average price – that’s a win-win for me!

The Fish Pot Restaurant, Barbados

4.    Jump Off The Floating Dock/Jetty

For those who know me, know I would never (ever…ever) jump off a dock or jetty – I’d rather jump off a bridge. We could have a back and forth debate about which one is crazier at a later date but till then feel free to check out my Instagram for a snippet of my Bungee Jumping adventure in Zambia/Zimbabwe.

Jumping off the jetty doesn’t require your inner daredevil as the water is safe, as crystal clear as can be and the jetty lies on top of the water eliminating any drastic free fall and injuries.

So really, what are you waiting for? Be safe, be cautious and enjoy!

5.    Watch The Sunset

And what better way to end an amazing day at ‘The Fish Pot Restaurant’ than by watching the sun disappear into the horizon in a fiery glow!

2017-07-19 00.25.27 copy

Island life is truly amazing!


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