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St. Vincent Travel Itinerary: Make The Most Of Your 4-Day Trip

As we have full time jobs, we look forward to the time when the stars aline and we have a 4 day weekend! Usually, we take those days and head somewhere close by for a change of scenery and on this occasion, we opted to visit St. Vincent & The Grenadines.

So, if you’re like us and heading to St. Vincent here’s a basic itinerary to help get you started!

DAY ZERO – Thursday, March 29

This is your travel day! If you’re traveling from Barbados, this is the route we took:

Depart – Barbados, BGI at 8:05pm

Arrive – St.Vincent, SVD at 8:50pm on LIAT 769

Traveling on a Barbadian passport, there was no need to apply for a VISA to St. Vincent.

Tip: Look out for deals - we booked our ticket online in October (during the yearly LIAT sale) which allowed us to snag a discount. Also, if you're traveling from island to island, it's cheaper to book online rather than with a travel agency!

DAY ONE (Rest and Relaxation at Young Island) – Friday, March 30

Our trip to St. Vincent and the Grenadines was mainly for relaxation which worked out perfectly for us as we were unable to get a rental car on this day because it was Easter weekend! So we spent a relaxing morning at our Airbnb which overlooked the Blue Lagoon Marina Bay.

The photos of our Airbnb did not do the location any justice - it featured little private nooks as well as stairs to directly access the lagoon. Another plus for us is that it was within walking distance to Young Island - so we really didn't need a car on day one!

We later ventured over to Young Island to grab a drink and stayed much longer than we intended too as we were enjoying the resort and great company.

PS: Don't worry about getting to Young Island, once you've arrived at the dock, there will be a phone which allows you to dial the ferry operator to collect you - free of charge!

DAY TWO (Trip To Bequia) – Saturday, March 31

During easter weekend, the main island (St. Vincent) is rather quiet but that's because all of the excitement is happening over at Bequia due to the popular Easter Regatta! So thankfully, we were able to secure a rental car just in time to make the first ferry trip out of St.Vincent into Bequia!

Check out our post 5 Understated Things You Must Do In Bequia to find out how we spent our time on the island!

Tip: Be sure to visit prior to making your travel plans to ensure you arrive in a timely manner as these ferries wait for no one! Also, if you're looking to dine we strongly suggest that you make reservations ahead of time as many of the eateries are really busy during that week.

DAY THREE (Explored The Leeward Side of the Island) – Sunday, April 1st

On this day we intended to hike "La Soufrière" but unfortunately we were attempting to hike from the more difficult side of the volcano so we opted not to and instead of feeling defeated, we did a quick check on our map for attractions on the west of the island and ventured off.

Firstly, we visited Dark View Falls because who doesn't love a refreshing dip under a waterfall and then made our way to Walliabou Anchorage which is the site of the film Pirates of the Caribbean.

DAY FOUR (Departure) – Monday, April 2nd

Seeing that this was our last day, we woke up at the crack of dawn and set off to "La Soufrière" using the correct route this time. We arrived so early that we were able to hike the volcano and make it back to our Airbnb by midday!

Our gracious hosts gave us a late check out which allowed us to have lunch, pack and enjoy the property one last time before making our way to Fort Charlotte.

To wrap up our time in St. Vincent, we watched the sun set by the bar directly opposite the airport and we couldn't have asked for a more relaxing yet adventurous time!

Depart –St.Vincent, SVD at 9:15pm

Arrive – Barbados, BGI at 10:00pm on LIAT 770

St. Vincent really is ideal for persons looking to getaway from it all and truly unplug.


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