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Barbados’ Festivals of 2018 – Will They Make Our To-Do List? [PART 2]


10. Celtic Festival Barbados (May 24th – 27th, 2018)

The Barbados Celtic Festival is essentially a celebration/festival through music and food which merges the cultural connections of Barbados and the Celtic Countries. Therefore, the festival will be sure to include music from the Pipes and Drums from around the world, steel pan, fiddles and folk music!

#FunFact: Irish immigration to Barbados dates back to the 1620s! Also, the cross of St. Andrews – Scotland’s patron saint – appears on the emblem of Barbados! 

Will it make the list? We are a bit undecided at this point but if we get a chance to, I’m sure it would be fun to experience another culture without having to leave the country!

For further information, visit Celtic Festival or their Facebook and Instagram Page

11. Rally Barbados (June 1st – 3rd, 2018)

For those who don’t know, Rally Barbados is one of the Caribbean’s biggest annual motor sport international event – matter of fact, I believe it’s the biggest annual motor sport international event within the entire Caribbean!

Every year there is an exciting lineup of spectacular drivers with hundreds of spectators following the action, so if you have a need for speed and unpredictable action, then this is an event which shouldn’t miss you!

Will it make the list? No. Been there, done that and it’s relatively the same every year. It can certainly be fun when you have your friends, BBQ grill and all, but having to wake up in the wee hours of the morning and then staying in that same location for the entire day can get a bit boring. Afterall, the rally cars pass through stages and therefore there isn’t constant activity at one location at any given time.

For further information, visit Rally Barbados or their Facebook and Instagram Page

12. Crop Over Festival (June 2nd – August 6th, 2018)

Originally, the Crop Over Festival was a celebration signaling the end of the yearly sugar cane harvest, but over the years, it has evolved into an exciting festival featuring parties, markets, art exhibitions and so on which span over a few weeks.

Grand Kadooment Day, the most popular event of the festival symbolizes and celebrates the end of Crop Over, where Masquerade Bands make their way to Spring Garden highway with revelers dressed in colourful costumes. It is truly one of the sweetest times of the year!

Will it make the list? The festival is full of amazing activities and I think we’ll like to focus on the activities leading up to the Grand Kadooment Day rather that just Grand Kadooment Day itself.

For further information, visit The National Cultural Foundation or their Facebook and Instagram Page

13. Barbados Hockey Festival (August 19th – 25th, 2018)

Just like the Barbados International Masters Football Festival, the Barbados Hockey Festival attracts some of the best hockey teams from across the world, not only to compete but to enjoy the culture!

Will it make the list? It’s also not something that we necessarily want to see but if time permits and we are in the area, I’d love to see the action first hand. I mean, if it can attract scores of teams from around the world, it has to be worth experiencing – no?!

For further information, visit Barbados Hockey or their Facebook and Instagram Page

14. NIFCA – The Barbados National Independence Festival Of Creative Arts (October-November)

Every year, the Barbados National Independence Festival Of Creative Arts seeks to showcase talented Barbadian in dance, film & photography, literary arts, music, visual arts, theatre arts and culinary arts.

Will it make the list? Yes! To be honest I haven’t been in a while so I’m quite excited. With Steven’s ever-growing interest in photography, I think film and photography would definitely be on the list of must-sees.

#FunFact – I performed at NIFCA (solo piano piece) when I was 12 years old and got a bronze medal but to be honest, playing piano in front of such a large audience has to be one of the most nerve-racking things I’ve ever done in my life!

For further information, visit National Cultural Foundation or their Facebook and Instagram Page

15. Barbados Food & Rum Festival (October 18th – October 21st, 2018)

If you have not picked up on this by now, Barbadians are definitely experts in the field of food and rum, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we have a festival that celebrates food as well as rum – the ‘Barbados Food & Rum Festival’!

With a variety of rum experts, mixologists and top chefs (local and international acclaimed) coming together to celebrate gastronomic art adding to the picturesque backdrop that is the Caribbean – Need I say more?

Will it make the list? A resounding yes! Last year Steven and I had the opportunity to attend two of the six events – the Saturday afternoon Polo Rum Spirits as well as the Sunday Beach Party at the Hilton Resort Barbados.

The Sunday beach party was definitely our favourite as the food and the performances were topnotch. The performances ranged from Biggie Irie, to Mickey, to Grynner and even the Mighty Gabby with current songs, popular songs and of course hits from the past. The pop-up events prior to the festival were also a highlight and very well attended – Steven even took part in one of the competitions! As an Advertising Executive, I was also able to attend the press launch –  which was amazing because it’s always great when work blends with your passion!

This year we’ll certainly love to try the ‘The Signature Rum Event’!

For further information, visit Visit Barbados or their Facebook and Instagram Page

So now that we’ve told you what festivals we’ll love to check out this year, we hoped this inspired you to check out a few that you probably wouldn’t have!

Whatever you do, have fun!


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