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7 Dog-Friendly Public Places in Barbados

Barbados is pet friendly! Yes, you read correctly.

But that's where the pet friendly nature of the island comes to a stop. In general, we have noticed that while most establishments do not have signs or policies with regards to pets, the active notion on the island is that pets are more of a "home thing".

So, I'm sure that if you're a "paw parent" in Barbados, you might have done some research about dog friendly places on the island - other than the beach. You'll also quickly realize that even though Barbados is indeed a pet friendly island - the establishments which allow dogs are quite limited! But not to worry, now that our fur baby [Skye] is just over a year old, we've been exploring places in Barbados where dogs are allowed so that our fur baby can get in on the Bottled Sunshine action!

Here are 5 pet friendly public places in Barbados:

1. Fusiliers, Gun Hill Signal Station

Fusiliers holds a special place in our hearts - after all, this is where we got married. So needless to say, we were incredibly happy to know Fusiliers is now a pet friendly location!

You're more than welcome to visit this historic site with your 4-legged loved one as you take in the perfectly manicured gardens and the breathtaking uninterrupted views of the island while brushing up on the history that lies below the green gates.

#DidYouKnow that Gun hill is one of a series of six signal stations which were built and used as rallying points in the event of civil disorder and also for non-military purposes. The station was also used to signal the approach of enemy ships and the safe arrival of cargo ships and to help in the internal security of the island.

Our Favorite Moment: There is also a resident cat who tends to taunt Skye from time to time. It's funny to see (and a nice change) to see Skye interact with other animals rather than just humans!

2. Flower Forest

The Flower Forest is yet another breathtaking garden located in the parish of St.John but while this location is pet friendly, animals are not allowed in the main building.

With 53 acres of trees and beautiful flowers, one can truly get lost in nature, not to mention, your fur baby will be in absolute bliss running through the well paved pathways.

Be sure to visit when you have enough time (45 minutes to an hour) to explore the nooks that the garden has to offer. There are also many benches and seats located throughout the Forest so you'll feel safe and socially distant from others in this COVID-19 environment.

Note: When you arrive, be sure to let the staff know that you have a pet with you. If you're visiting the gardens with another person, they will request that one person pays while the other stays on the outside with your fur baby. Once you've paid the entry fee, they'll then show you an alternative path where you can enter with your pet.

3. Hunte's Gardens

Can you believe that we only knew that Hunte's Gardens was a pet friendly during our last visit to Hunte's Gardens?!

Yes! Mr. Anthony Hunte - owner of the gardens welcomes all guests (including 4 legged fur babies) with open arms.

Be sure to check out our post on Hunte's Gardens -

4. Animal Flower Cave

The Animal Flower Cave located in the north of the island in the parish of St. Lucy, is one of the most appealing places for dog owners because rather than simply allowing dogs on the property, they actually cater to dogs with a special dog menu at their restaurant. Can you believe it!?

So go ahead and treat your self to lunch as well as your paw baby to some Yappitisers & Pupscicles from The Gourmet Paw which are available on site!

Skye truly enjoyed his time at the cave, as he took in all the sites (and smells), watched the waves crash onto the rocks while socializing with the black belly sheep!

Tip: If you have some time, be sure to visit the cave and take a dip in the pool - it's refreshing. Locals pay $15BBDS for a tour of the cave while tourists/non locals pay $25BBDS.

5. Sage Bistro

This quaint restaurant and is still relatively new to the island.

We are yet to take Skye but we thought it was important to visit first to determine if it's the right environment for Skye.

It's definitely a relaxing spot for brunch and we can't wait to take Skye sometime in the near future!

6. Coco Hill Forest

Since we've started to take Skye out with us, we've gravitated towards outdoor facilities and locations for a few reasons.

Firstly, Skye gets a workout (and so do we). Due to the fact that our day to day lives can get pretty busy, sometimes we fail to take Skye for his routine walks - and that's not good so we really look forward to having him out and about.

Skye also gets a kick out of "marking" as many territories as he wishes and not to mention, it's a controlled environment so that we can observe how Skye interacts with things/people outside of the home

7. Orange Street Grocer

While this eclectic deli-bistro does not allow fur babies within the confides of the building, they do offer outside seating (with great views of the Speightstown Jetty and sea) for you and your fur baby!

If you've never explored Barbados with your pup and you're thinking about it, here are a few things that you should note or (ask yourself before) you venture out in public with your fur baby:

Would your dog be comfortable in crowded public spaces? Generally, we've found that Skye does great in public spaces - matter of fact, he loves humans. With that being said, Skye is also a very active pup, so we tend to visit places where he can be active! So gardens are our number one locations where he can fun around and a be a pup.

Pack key essentials. While places such as the Animal Flower Cave will have treats on site, most public places will not have a menu which caters to your pup. Therefore, pack some keys essentials such as treats, water and your pups favorite toy.

Practice socializing but don't force it. Always be sure to keep your dog leashed and away from people unless they actively start to interact with your dog.

Your treats will also come in handy with reinforcing positive behaviour as your dog interacts with new people and other dogs/animals.

If you're not sure if an establishment accepts dogs, be sure to give them a call. While it's nice to be able to venture out to public locations with your dogs, do not assume that every establishment is pet friendly. Some may not be able to accept pets due to health and safety concerns so if you're not sure, simply give them a call.


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