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5 Romantic (and Ridiculously Cheap) Things To Do In Barbados

Island life is nothing short of romantic and living on the island of Barbados most certainly has its perks. With crystal blue waters, rich history and amazing sunsets, Barbados is a lovers paradise!

But beyond the characteristic nature of Barbados, Steven and I are known to be adventure-seeking, nature loving lovebirds who thrive on making memories that doesn’t suck our banks accounts dry!

So, here are a few cheap and sweet things to do with your significant other:

1.    Have a Picnic at ‘The Welchman Hall Gully’

IMG_8489-01 copy.jpeg

The Welchman Hall Gully is truly a hidden natural gem! With over one hundred and fifty species of plants and trees, one could spend hours roaming throughout “the gully” before concluding at the gazebo with a nice picnic and panoramic views of the east coast!

With many benches and informative posts scattered throughout “the gully”, not only is this an educational activity but nature has such a calming effect on us – oh and we seem to love trees!

Even if you don’t want to walk with your own picnic basket, “the gully” has a fully stocked café – The Chunky Monkey Cafe. 

Open daily from 9 am to 4 pm, visitors pay US$12 (booklet included) whereas locals pay US$6.50. Children between 5 to 12 years old pay US$6 and children under 5 years old are free! If you’re interested in seeing the monkeys, be sure to get there between 10:30 am and 12 pm.

Most Memorable Moment: We thoroughly enjoyed picking up nutmegs while walking through ‘The Nutmeg Grove’ – the only nutmeg grove on the face of the island! I didn’t even know Barbados had a nutmeg grove until that very moment – sad, I know!

For further information, visit Welchman Hall Gully or call 438-6671

2.    Feed The Fish and Ducks at Codrington College

Steven and Bernadette

With a magnificent lily pond filled with fish (and nearby wandering ducks), this is definitely a romantic way to spend the day – and it’s free!

Be sure to pack a few sandwiches to enjoy the breathtaking view of the scenic east coast which lies beyond the entrance and through the arches of the college.

Most Memorable Moment: Sitting under the trees, amongst the fallen flowers while enjoying the amazing company!

For further information, visit Codrington College or call 416-8051

3.    Enjoy A Glass Of Wine On The Beach

IMG_8241-01 copy.jpeg

I think we take for granted the picturesque beauty that lies minutes away from our homes because it will always be there. We here in Barbados are also very lucky that the majority of our beaches boast calm blue crystal like waters and without a doubt, the beach, plus wine, plus Steven makes Bernadette one happy camper!

Oh, and it’s free!

Most Memorable Moment: Building luxurious sandcastle dream homes with Steven!

4. Watch the Sunset at ‘The Harrison Point Lighthouse’


This abandoned lighthouse is one of our favourite spots on the island due to its privacy and the breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean. It was also at one point on the grounds of a temporary prison – giving the entire location an eerie feel – which peaks our interest more as an adventurous couple – duh!

But seriously – it’s definitely not for the faint hearted but the journey to the top of the lighthouse is certainly worth it!

Oh, and this little excursion is also free!

Most Memorable Moment: Trying to take pictures at the very top of the lighthouse – yes, we are adventurous, but it’s quite daunting too! Being able to watch the sun disappear into the horizon with a fiery glow was also pretty amazing!

5.    Horseback Riding Through The Countryside

IMG_7611-01 copy.jpeg

‘Jah Works Nature Tours’ offers an amazing guided tour (inclusive of refreshments) through the countryside of Barbados. You’ll pass historic sites such as The Morgan Lewis Windmill and continue through the lush green countryside until you reach a beach along the rugged east coast of the island.

If you’ve never ridden a horse before, this is the perfect opportunity as ‘Jah Works’ welcomes all persons with or without riding experience. And, at the low cost of US$30 per person, this hour and a half tour was a great start to our day – and was certainly worth every penny!

Most Memorable Moments: Enjoying this tour with another amazing couple – Cecil and Deanna, while Cecil’s male horse continuously tried to mount Steven’s male horse for the entire tour! Oh, and my horse was a diva as well, yawning at pristine photo ops – how dear he!

For further information, call 820-2667

Writing blog posts such as these truly fill my heart with joy and happiness. Being able to replay each memory that Steven and I have shared with you is simply amazing and I wish all couples and friends alike memories which last a lifetime!

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