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5 Exhilarating Things You Must Do In St.Lucia!

Known to be the one of the most romantic Caribbean islands, the volcanic island of St.Lucia (Saint Lucia) is a traveller’s paradise as it offers more than just beaches. As it is more mountainous than most Caribbean islands, it is also perfect for nature lovers and hence the activities on the island go beyond the water.

Here are a few things that you MUST do when you visit the picturesque island of St.Lucia:

1.    Spend The Day At ‘Pigeon Island National Landmark’

‘The Pigeon Island National Landmark’ has a small bit of everything that St.Lucia has to offer – from its two breathtaking beaches to a pub and restaurant with a historical theme and local cuisine!

It also offers small hiking opportunities to amazing vantage points and – of course – rich history.

‘The Pigeon Island National Landmark’ is open daily, including holidays, from 9 am to 5 pm. Ticket prices for visitors cost $7 USD for adults and about $1 USD for children ages 5 to 11 and children under 5 years are free.

Guided tours can also be provided at an additional cost of $21 USD.

Favourite Spot in Pigeon Island: the hammock at ‘Barnacles Restaurant and Bar’ where you can relax and have a drink – or two. Open daily from 11 am until…it really “ain’t a bar if it ain’t Barnacles Restaurant & Bar”!

DSC_1166-01 copy

For further information, visit Saint Lucia National Trust or call (758) 452-5005 or (758) 453 1495.

2.    Experience The ‘Tout Bagay Catamaran Day Tour’ with Sea Spray Cruises

The ‘Tout Bagay Tour’ with Sea Spray Cruises is simply amazing as it focuses on St. Lucian highlights and wraps it all up in one big amazing day tour!

IMG-20170501-WA0014-01 copy.jpeg

You’ll take a tour of the coast via catamaran before visiting the mud baths, a Soufrière waterfall and the sulphur springs all before stopping at the Morne Coubaril Estate for a historic tour and buffet lunch!

On your way back to the dock at Rodney Bay, you’ll also make a  stop at a west coast beach for swimming and snorkelling, as well as a quick stop by Marigot Bay!

This tour is only available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at a cost of $110 USD (adults) and $55 USD (children). It is scheduled to start at 8:30 am and finishes just around 5:00 pm. You also have the option of zip-lining or horse riding at the Morne Coubaril Estate (instead of the tour) for an additional $55 USD.

Highlight Of The Tour: Quite frankly there were so many highlights of the day that truly made the tour a one of a kind experience. Firstly, approaching the famous majestic Pitons in all of their glory was simply breathtaking. The sight of The Pitons from the sea is much different to the view from inland. Also, if you had the chance to climb one of the Pitons before witnessing this majestic view, it is nothing short of an emotional experience!

DSC_0817-01-01 copy.jpeg

Secondly, we were quite lucky to make some amazing friends on this tour who will be in our lives forever.

For further information, visit Sea Spray Cruises, call (758) 458 0123 or email

3.    Hike Gros Pitons

The majestic Pitons, designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO is without a doubt the island’s most photographed landmark. Gros Piton towers 2619 ft high whereas Petit Piton is 2461 ft high but despite the difference, Gros Piton is said to actually be a much easier climb that Petit Piton.

Taking the hike of the Gros Piton is simply a must, due to the fact that the views during the hike are simply amazing. Your limits may also be tested but there is nothing more gratifying than overcoming something you never thought you could actually accomplish!

DSC_0386-01 copy.jpeg

Gros Piton opens daily from 7 am – 2 pm but, be sure to get there as early as you can as some days they may close earlier than usual – as they do not expect anyone to come at 2 pm to climb a mountain in 4-6 hours!

The cost for internationals is $30US each, which is about $80EC, whereas CARICOM residents pay $20US each which is about $55EC and a guide will be provided. Remember to bring a large bottle of water (maybe 2!) per person, snacks, fruits, towel (a nice big one is recommended), comfortable sneakers and a backpack to put them all in.

Highlight Of The Hike: You’ll encounter a nice surprise at the top which would be the highlight of your entire hike – and be sure to let me know who/what you come across!

For further information, visit The Soufrière Foundation or call (758) 459 3965

4.    Party The Night Away At ‘Gros Islet Street Party’

DSC_0418 copy

The place to be each and every Friday night is ‘The Gros Islet Street Party’. This is a great place to unwind as you’ll experience the culture, the food and the infectious party spirit during one of the liveliest street parties on the island!

There is definitely no better place on the island of St.Lucia, to dance and eat the night away than during the ‘Gros Islet Street Party’!

Tip: Dress casually and comfortably as there will be a lot of eating, drinking and dancing!

5.    Take a Dip In The Mud Bath At The Sulfur Springs Park


One simply cannot visit St Lucia and not visit the world’s only drive-in volcano! You’ll also have the chance to be totally immersed (from your neck down that is) which is quite invigorating and leaves the skin feeling 10 years younger!

The mud pool can be quite hot but see how long you can stay immersed, the longer you do the better you and your skin will feel!

Most Memorable Experience: The smell of sulphur – it’s truly unlike any other smell!

For further information, visit The Soufrière Foundation or call (758) 459 5212

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