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Why You Should Travel As A Couple Before Marriage

Many people are quite nervous to take this step in their relationship, especially before marriage. The truth of the matter is, a lot of couples would rather wait until their honeymoon; but, for us travelling together has a substantial number of benefits – so why not? Here is our list of reasons as to why you should travel as a couple before marriage.

You’d be able to see your partner at their best … and worst

Steven and I’s first trip was to St. Lucia in 2017 and this really solidified that he was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and here is why.

Our favourite activity and most memorable one was our hike up Gros Piton. I was super excited but 3/4 way up the mountain, I was happy to jump off that same said mountain. The burning sensation that your fatigued legs begin to experience; the buckets of sweat that stream off your body – pfftt I had enough. But Steven was so supportive – mind you, he was just as tired as I was – but he continued to cheer me on until we made it to the top.

Throughout all of our travels, there were many times he saw me at my worse; and through those same times, I saw him at his very best.

You experience some of your fondest memories together

Travelling with your friends and family is great; but travelling with your spouse is nothing sort of special because you’d be able to share some once in a lifetime experiences with your partner. Then as you grow and continue to share your life together, you can look back at those experiences and specials bonds that you’ve created over the years.

It creates a honeymoon feeling before marriage

Life is life – it’s rough, busy and unpredictable. But your time away, just the two of you, gives not only you but your relationship a much-needed reset. So enjoy that time away from everyone and everything and focus on each other!

Because you probably don’t have other major responsibilities

Life after marriage is certainly much different than life before marriage for a lot of couples. Children, pets, mortgage and many other responsibilities now play a factor for a newlywed couple that wasn’t previously there in the premarital stage. Hence, take advantage of this time before shit gets real. Live life in the present rather than assuming that things would stay the same after marriage. They may, or the may not!

You’d learn how to compromise…more

I’m a planner, and Steven is a planner too. But I love to plan so Steven compromises and lets me go insane with the planning. But compromising on a trip? It’s so much more than that! You’d find that you may want to have a relaxing time on the beach all vacation long. On the other hand, your spouse may rather do something they find a bit more exciting. Therefore, you’d learn to look at the needs of others rather than your own.

You’d be able to see a future with your spouse…or not

With the highs and the lows, the emotional rollercoasters and the amazing experiences, you’d certainly know at the end of the trip if marriage is on the cards. Travelling can throw many challenges at any individual yet alone any couple and overcoming those challenges can definitely strengthen any relationship!


Have you travelled before with your spouse? How was your experience? Be sure to let us know!


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