‘Open Kitchen Café & Bistro’ | Restaurant Review

On Monday, September 11th, I popped into ‘Open Kitchen’ around 12:30pm to grab some lunch and catch up with a close friend. Yes, we knew 12:30pm is typically the start of the lunch time rush but really and truly, I didn’t mind I didn’t care as I was excited to catch up with my friend at a new restaurant (new to me that is) which made two fabulous reasons for me to excited if you ask me!

But, to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I heard that ‘Open Kitchen’ was located within the ‘Archer’s Hall Showroom’ – so I wondered,

Open Kitchen Café & Bistro1

‘Where is the restaurant within this showroom, at the back, at the front’?

But, upon entering, the question changed to,

‘Where are we going to sit’?!

Little did I know that we were to be promptly seated at a huge table (which was obviously for sale as we are in a showroom after all) which looked like it could have easily seated 8-10 persons, but was separated with 6 placings to accommodate 3 couples.

I’m quite new to this unusual concept but this gave the café a very charming, casual, warm yet trendy and upscale feel. But, don’t be surprised if you see some price tags hanging from some of the items – after all, you are in a showroom!


Now, let’s talk about the food, ‘Open Kitchen’ specializes in rustic dishes with an emphasis on local and organic produce, therefore it’s no surprise that the food is also just as amazing as the decor. ‘Open Kitchen’, is the very definition of a trendy café – they serve sandwiches, platters of cheese, meal-sized salads and even pizza – their speciality!

The best thing about the food is, the portions are very satisfying and it doesn’t leave you feeling sluggish after – perfect for lunch!

Let the record reflect that I am a meat lover (big fan, huge) – therefore I order a ‘grilled Asian steak sandwich with tomatoes and avocado and finished with an Asian slaw and sesame seeds’ served on focaccia. At first glance,  this seemed extremely healthy to me but when my lunch arrived, I was impressed. Even though I was eager to taste my steak sandwich, the salad was the star of the dish. It was light, fresh and flavourful – seriously, if this is how the vegetarians live (minus the steak), I can see myself going over to the other side as it looked colourful and fun and tasted just as amazing as it looked! Even the presentation of the hot chocolate was simply amazing!

But do not be fooled, there were plenty of fun options for vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers and children alike!

As a café, their selection of beverages are limited to coffee, water and soft drinks, but, you also have the option of purchasing wine by the bottle or by the glass from the ‘Wine Cave’s’ extensive collection – simply amazing!

The staff also add to the warm and casual atmosphere and Trisha was simply outstanding, so, I’d like to think that overall, my experience at ‘Open Kitchen’ was very positive and as Trisha said, I’ll certainly be back!

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