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© 2023 by Bernadette Chikowore

30 Random Facts About Me

I’ve always been an open book, but for those who don’t know me (and wish to find out more about myself), here are a few random facts about me!

  1. I have an intense love for nuggets – which my mother has tried to wean me off plenty of times with no success. I pity the fool that tries!

  2. I am Ghanaian-Zimbabwean-Barbadian due to fact that I hold two passports (one from Barbados and the other from Ghana) but was born in Zimbabwe where I lived for the first 4 years of my life.

  3. I was inspired to blog not because I travel frequently but because a dear friend thought I was good enough to blog on her website – and then she paid me for it!

  4. I get cold easily – no seriously, it’s ridiculous. Thankfully I live in the Caribbean!

  5. With that being said, I’ve never travelled to a country during the winter. I haven’t built up to courage as yet!

  6. I fall asleep within minutes of watching a movie – any movie.

  7. I have a slight lisp – don’t judge me.

  8. I am very chatty, plus I talk extremely fast especially when I am passionate about something. Most people either pick the sense from the nonsense or they are left in awe.

  9. I’m not afraid of heights nor insects – although I rather not be surprised by them. Rather I am afraid of failure – like most people in the world.

  10. I love Amaretto sours and milky liqueurs!

  11. I eat very little at any given time – a 5-year-old probably eats as much as I do.

  12. which brings me to the fact that I’m extremely light and I’ve been working on gaining weight/muscle so that I can donate blood;

  13. Because my blood type is O neg – universal donor!

  14. I believe everything in life happens for a reason.

  15. I am hardly ever upset/sad.

  16. I don’t eat a lot of chocolate because it hurts my teeth.

  17. I’m a romantic – just ask my boyfriend!

  18. I have a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Psychology. One day I’ll like to pursue a Ph.D. in psychology – only so I can be called a Dr. Chikowore. How cool would that be!?

  19. I am the only child – and I like it that way until I met my boyfriend’s sister. She’s the only person who made me reconsider being an only child.

  20. I’d try anything that is flavoured with Vanilla or Strawberry – anything!

  21. I’m not a fan of desserts unless it’s apple crumble, apple pie or banana bread. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that I hate birthday cake – I just really dislike icing but a plain vanilla cake or nothing at all is perfect – if you really want to surprise me get me a sushi cake!

  22. I’m very loyal – to a fault.

  23. I can usually be found laughing – it’s infectious I’d like to think!

  24. My special power is ‘breaking the ice’.

  25. A room full of people sitting in silence (except when necessary) is extremely unsettling for me.

  26. Due to my lengthy and unusual name (in the island of Barbados), I’ve accumulated quite a number of nicknames – Bernie, Bernz, Miss B, B, Little Miss Sunshine and that’s just a few!

  27. My favourite shoe – converse but I wear a lot of heels because I’m short!

  28. I see the glass half full rather than half empty.

  29. I always joke and say that I have horrible eyesight but I’m simply a nearsighted individual who hates seeing blurred images!

  30. I never watch horror movies – ever!